The Research Institute of Horticulture in Poland is the largest research center for pomology, apiculture and ornamental plants. In addition to the research in the above-mentioned fields it also engages in numerous implementation and dissemination activities.
The institute is responsible to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and it has its seat in Skierniewice. It has an independent Scientific Council which is an advisory and consultative body of the Institute’s Director.
Since 1975 the institute has been authorised to confer the degrees of doctor of philosophy (PhD) in the field of agricultural sciences (polmology) and since 1979 - in the field of natural sciences. Since 1976 it has also been empowered to pursue the registration and conferment procedure for postdoctoral (habilitation or ScD) and professor qualification.
Currently, in the three institute’s divisions (Pomology, Floriculture and Apiculture) studies in respective fields are being carried out by 150 researchers.